Frequently Asked Questions

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How do i make deposit?

Click on the invest now button on the homepage or toggle bar you will be redirect to telegram where you will be linked with a bot then you invest your E-currency, transactions sometimes may take longer than expected depends on the bitcoin network. Minimum amount in which trading begins with is 0.05 Btc or O.5 Eth.

How to make withdrawals?

Click on the withdrawal button on the bot it will be released in minutes depending on the currency's network.

How do i refer other people into the project?

You need to click on the referral button on the bot, the copy the link and share to whoever you need to use the link. Every successful referral attracts a 10% Commission at all levels.

How long does an investment last?

An investment only last 48 hours (2 days) which is after then paid to each users.

How do the company make the profit which are returned to me?

The deposit of each user are inputted into our trading bot algorithm which is then used to trade effortlessly.